Saturday, May 31, 2008


Great positive experience by one of my friends.
Today I parked at the supermarket; I squeezed in between a huge 4WD vehicle on one side and on the other was a dividing ,raised cement partition about 6 inches high or so.

When I came to leave and to reverse out, first my front tyre then my back kept hitting the cement. I went back and forth, cussing quietly.

Then I heard a voice, 'You seem to be having a bit of difficulty; let me guide you out.' He was a young man, maybe in this thirties. He stood in front and called me through the wheel turnings until I was out and clear.

I thanked him very sincerely for his kindness and consideration; typically Aussie he laughed and replied 'No worries, Mate,' and walked off.

He need not have bothered; he could have ignored me and walked straight into the Supermarket; or got in his car and driven off. Instead he saw my plight, changed direction completely and walked over to me to help. His thoughtfulness touched me.

Isn't it nice, in these days of violence and selfishness and inconsiderate behaviour, to suddenly come across this simple action of unsolicited kindness?