Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was deeply offended by the recent theft of several photo images from my personal website for the pursuance of a personal grievance.
My website clearly indicates it being Internationally copyrighted.
If you want to ignore that, at your cost, at least courtesy demands applying for approval to use any part of my website.
Clearly it is a widespread practice to use (copy) varied material displayed on the Internet and in many cases encouraged by website owners but obviously not for objectionably usage. I do not have an objection to benign use.
I'm not revealing the perpetrator's name or website address at this stage as I'm investigating what remedies I have available (legal and otherwise) to remedy the abuse and the least thing I intend to do is to give him the exposure he craves.
If any one has a grievance and wishes to publish this widely their case, if the facts are not correctly recorded and resort is taken to steal images it raises the obvious conclusion that alleged problem is a fallacy and a means to create self publicity.