Friday, February 24, 2006


The comments made by Deputy Prime Minister Peter Costello about obligations becoming an Australian or for that matter being an Australian resonated with me.
I emigrated from Holland to New Zealand adopting that Country and naturalizing as a New Zealand citizen and years later emigrating to Australia and subsequently naturalizing as an Australian citizen.
As far as I can remember, an old? bloke at 74, I have always firmly believed my wish and need to integrate in the country, area, city and community of my choice and this seems to be a trait of most Dutchmen over the many years in distant history to today. Have you ever heard of cultural or religious clashes about Dutch people in any country?
It's difficult to relocate yourself to another country, the younger you are the easier that is and likewise the the older you are more difficult it is and the subtle pressure by the elders of the family who either or both don't understand or don't want to adopt (or change) makes it difficult for the younger people to find their feet.
This brings me to my belief that in order to be part of a community, country, you have to compromise, adapt without need to compromise your individual values, morals, standards, religion and what ever is important to you. If that is not possible there may be another country more suitable for for you.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I just watched another chapter of the TV program 'Dinosaurs' which showed us the lush rain forests on the South Pole reminding us that Earth has undergone numerous major global temperature changes during the millions years past (ice ages) hence the ozone hole in the sky has shrunk or become larger for as yet no understood reason. Apparently (according to eminent scientists) all man made causes having an effect on the ozone hole getting larger is in the order between 1 to 2 percent.
An interesting radio program had the senior reporter commenting on a discussion years ago with a senior retired DSIR scientist here in Australia who commented at the time that he was the one responsible for floating the idea of pollution casing the 'enlarging ozone hole' as he was desperate at the time to obtain more research funds and needed to find a attention grabbing reason for that. He said once the cat was out of the bag with the mischievous statement that man made pollution caused the ozone hole getting larger he was unable to retract it.
Be sure to focus not on the side issues but on the overall picture.
If you don't believe me do your own research searching the Internet using say Google. Start by looking at this website: