Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Buy Australian?

This will put the cat amongst the pidgeons.
I find this argument strange that we should 'buy Australian' and boycot foreign goods.
In any case the majority of people clearly vote to buy which is the better article at the best price. We are in a truly global community and if you are a producer you need to think global by being able to produce a better article at a better price, the reward? Export your product as well as being successful in your home country Australia. But hold on in whatever foreign country should they boycot 'Australian made' to support their local producers who can't quite make it in the global sphere?
Some do well out of the 'buy Australian' slogan. Look at did Dick Smith, an astute business man trading on the sentiment 'buy Australian' setting up his factories to produce just that, a bit pricy but good promotion largely fixed that. But guess what, he sold out at a handsome profit. As I said if you produce the right article in the right quality at the right price I would buy it Australian or where ever made and support an emerging nation perhaps.